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ePac is focused on solely on the short to medium length run, quick turn around flexible packaging business, unlike conventional converters. ePac is the first flexible packaging company designed from the ground up around a digital platform, so we can leverage it today, and grow with the power of digital.

For starters, our business model is based on fulfilling all orders in 3 weeks or less. ePac specializes in short to medium length runs and the ability to offer variable text and graphics for market specific packaging. Further, ePac prints to order eliminating costly over-runs, inventory, and obsolescence.

Digital eliminates many steps in the conventional printing process, making it faster and more efficient. Exceptional graphics quality exceeds that of conventional printing methods, is capable of matching existing product lines, and registers perfectly for every image printed. Variable data and graphics provide the ability to customize packaging to meet the needs of select target markets. Digital enables “print on demand”, thus eliminating costly over-runs and inventory. Lastly, digital workflows are extremely efficient, allowing for rapid job turnaround.

Digital eliminates the need for investment in plates and cylinders, reduces waste and eliminates inventory. It produces short runs more economically than conventional printing processes, and in cases where variable data and multiple SKUs are involved, or fast turnaround is needed, medium run length jobs are competitively priced.