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Enter the California Cannabis Market With Compliant Packaging

Following voter approval in 2016, the sale of marijuana for recreational use became legal in California on January 1, 2018. Suppliers are eager to enter this new market, which is anticipated to have a value of up to $7 billion. With the new market come new rules, however, and there are several that address legal cannabis ...

Getting Down with Digital

As digital package printing continues to improve, brand owners are exploring the technology’s benefits and opportunities. By Ashley Roberts There’s a problem many brand owners are facing: They need high quality short-run packaging at a desirable price point. The solution could be digital printing, but the biggest hurdle for converters is educating brand owners on the technology’s b...

The Lure of Digital Packaging: A Printing Industry Growth Area

As Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies continue to look for new ways to get to market faster and connect with consumers on a personal level, digital packaging printing offers new options. A new whitepaper, "The Lure of Digital Packaging: A Printing Industry Growth Area," by Dr. Harvey Levenson, explores all printing methods and how digital technology will revolutio...