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Fueling The Growth Of Local Brands With
Locally-Produced Flexible Packaging

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Finished Pouches and Rollstock ship in 10 business days

Flexible Packaging In Boulder

ePac Boulder opened its first sales office in April 2017 to begin serving local brands. From April through December all orders have been fulfilled by our Middleton, Wisconsin plant until our Boulder location was ready. ePac Boulder formally began manufacturing on-site in December of 2017, and is now fully operational. Visit our facility located at:

Why Epac?

ePac is committed to providing an exceptional customer
experience that enables brands to…

Quickly go to market

Achieve fast time-to-market for product launches, promotions, and repeat orders. Orders ship in 10 business days.

Eliminate inventory

Print to demand. Avoid obsolescence.

Customize Content

Ideal for promotions, target marketing, and ordering multiple SKUs in a single press run.

order short Runs

Ideal for short and medium run length jobs, especially multi-sku orders.

Lead Time to Ship Orders ship in 10 business days 6-12 weeks
Manufacturing Location Boulder, Colorado Over $4B of flexible packaging comes from overseas
Run Length Specializes in short to medium length runs Impose high minimum run lengths
Inventory Digital print on demand reduces inventory High inventory levels required
Obsolescence Minimal due to print on demand High inventory obsolescence
Plate and Set Up Fees No plate or set up fees. Ideal for multi-SKU orders Plate and set-up waste costs are charged
Customization Can customize to target market Not possible with conventional printing
Target Marketing Ideal for product launches promotions, regional and event marketing Not possible with static print, impractical due to cost