Fueling the growth of local brands with locally-produced flexible packaging

Manufactured in Middleton, WI

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ePac Value

ePac provides unique customer value over traditional packaging suppliers…

Industry leading turnaround
Zero Inventory
Complete Custom Printing and sizes
NO Minimum Volume

Comparison of ePac to conventional converters and distributers:

Lead time to ship 5 days roll stock; 15 days finished pouches 6-12 weeks
Manufacturing location Middleton, Wisconsin Over $4B of flexible packaging comes from overseas
Run length Specializes in short to medium length runs Impose high minimum run lengths.
Inventory Digital print on demand reduces inventory High inventory levels required
Obsolescence Minimal due to print on demand High inventory obsolescence
Plate and Set Up fees No plate or set up fees. Ideal for multi-SKU orders Plate and set-up waste costs are charged
Customization Can customize to target market Not possible with conventional printing
Target Marketing Ideal for product launches promotions, regional and event marketing Not possible with static print, impractical due to cost


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Products and Materials

All ePac pouches and roll stock are manufactured in house with the highest quality custom laminated structures including PET, Metallized PET, polyethylene, and BOPP. Commonly used films are kept in stock in order to ensure rapid turnaround.

Pouches and Roll Stock

ePac offers fully customized roll stock and multi-format pouches including 3 side-seal lay flat and stand-up pouches with bottom gussets. Optional features such as press-to-close zippers, tear notches, and hang holes are also available.

Not sure what size or films you need? Talk to our experts and we’ll recommend a solution.

About ePac Middleton

ePac Middleton is the first plant opened by ePac Holdings, LLC. Established in 2016, ePac is the only North American flexible packaging company built entirely around emerging wide-web digital printing technology from Hewlett Packard, which has a significantly reduced impact on our environment. ePac Middleton is open for order taking now.

Environmental Impact Comparison – Digital vs. conventional printing:

ePac Digital vs. CI Flexo
ePac Digital vs. Roto Gravure
Global Warming Potential 65% less 81% less
Photochemical ozone creation 59% less 82% less
Cumulative Energy Demand 37% less 70% less
Water Depletion 46% less 62% less

Environmental Impact

ePac’s printing process has a substantially lower impact on the environment than traditional printing techniques.

Markets Served

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Naturals and Organics

Ideal for nuts, granola, powder blends such as superfoods, proteins, smoothie boosters, flour substitutes, stick pack drink mixes, etc. Incredible graphic quality to give your brand packaging the natural look and feel it needs to stand out.


Great for all types of snack food including chips, popcorn, confectionary and more.


Eliminate overseas suppliers with custom printed barrier bags designed for edibles, flowers, concentrates, pre-rolls, and syringes. Manufactured to comply with state regulations.


Whether you are local roaster, regional or national brand, ePac stand-up coffee pouches and roll stock will bring your brand to life.

Sports Nutrition

From protein bars and shakes to whey powder and hydration mixes, ePac roll film and pouch solutions accelerate your time to market and reduce costs.

Pet Food

From treats to food to specialty foods, our film structures will ensure no odor is transferred.

Our Clients

ePac has one simple goal: To add value and be viewed as a trusted partner by our clients. We firmly believe that your success will be our success.

Whether it’s launching a new product or promotion, or fulfilling orders to keep your business running, ePac is a one-stop source for all of your packaging needs.

ePac Clients Are:

Brands from the small business owner to regional, and even global consumer packaged goods companies.

Companies that need faster time to market.

Brand marketers seeking a solution for target marketing and product differentiation.

Concerned about company image, and want to move up from plain bags and labels to professional custom printed packaging.

Any brand that wants to reduce their packaging costs with the elimination of printing plates and inventory.